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TestFlix 2021 – James Espie

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

James Espie

QA Lead at Fergus

Atomic Talk Title: You don’t need to be an expert!

It’s a common feeling that testers need to be ‘experts’ before they can be valuable contributors.

Being an expert is great, but, expertise is something that grows over time. In this short talk, I’ll tell you a story about why you don’t need to be an expert in anything to be a valuable tester, and you can start contributing now!


  1. Don’t wait until you’re an expert – you will be waiting forever
  2. Don’t be afraid to ‘not know’ everything
  3. Do value the skills you have, even if you are a beginner
  4. Do use Google to find the answers – there’s no shame in it!
  5. Always be learning!


Speaker Bio

James is a software tester, currently helping to build world-class Digital Humans at UneeQ.
He’s a big believer in making life better for everyone – by building helpful, easy-to-use software; by helping other testers get better at their craft; or by taking his friends to the pub.
When he’s not doing the above, you can find him drawing pictures, running around in the forest, or playing video games with his wife and son.


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