TestFlix 2021 – Ilari Henrik Aegerter

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Atomic Talk Title: Resolving Polar Models to Counteract Simplistic Binary Taxonomy in the Domain of Software Testing

In our industry, there is an urge to classify everything into binary categorization systems, especially the distinction between manual and automated testing. This talk highlights a couple of other presumably opposing categories and tries to move from polarity to a more scalar view on things.


  1. Many Binary concepts are not binary but scalar
  2. Testing cannot be sorted into neat drawers
  3. Models help us to understand the world
  4. Testing is hard


Speaker Bio

Ilari Henrik Aegerter is a Cyborg-Friendly Humanist. His formal studies have brought him from General Linguistics and Sociology to Software Engineering and Software Testing. He so much liked the profession that he continued to work on his skills intensively. Being a context-driven tester is the natural outcome, and he believes that software testing is not a clerical job but a profession, which needs a high level of proficiency.

Coming from the medical software domain at Phonak AG and progressing to e-commerce at eBay. He is now the Managing Director of House of Test, and he believes that there is still a lot of work to be done for excellent software testing.

In 2015 he was elected into the board of the Association for Software Testing (AST), where he acts as Chief of Chapters. He is also a lecturer at the OST technical university for the post-graduate degree course CAS Software Testing.

Since he likes talking, he often presents at international software testing conferences, and he is also frequently invited to speak at company events. From time to time he does workshops on Software Testing, which he enjoys tremendously.

In his own time, he likes to read a lot of books and comics, spend time with his family, test the possibilities of our world with his kids and test good food in restaurants with his wife. He believes that people are generally good and that there is plenty for everybody in this world. All that results in him smiling a lot.

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