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TestFlix 2021- Giridhar Rajkumar

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Giridhar Rajkumar

Test Automation Architect at Hexaware

Atomic Talk Title: Effective ways of using BDD concept for Testing

Are you new to Behaviour Driven Development or not sure about implementing the concepts of test automation more efficiently in your BDD model to deliver your release pipeline much faster? Are you sure that you have implemented the test automation in the right way? Do you know that writing tests in Gherkins are not BDD?

In this talk, Giridhar will be sharing his experience with BDD concepts & Testing and how both are different. You will also learn about some of the best practices to use the BDD concepts in your team more efficiently and know how effective test automation can help you to deliver your product faster. You will also be learning about the different Cucumber features that can help your team to collaborate and automate the acceptance criteria. You will also be seeing a live demo on how the test automation and the process are integrated together in an Azure Release pipeline.


  1. Effective usage of BDD Concepts & Principles
  2. Tester’s role and involvement in BDD Projects
  3. Leveraging Cucumber’s latest features in BDD
  4. Real-time BDD implementation for faster delivery


Speaker Bio

Giridhar has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked with multiple customers in the UK, EU, India and Latin America for successful transformations in Test Automation & DevOps. He is an author, speaker and successful Instructor in Test Automation and DevOps concepts. He is passionate about exploring new technologies and is an expert in Agile and DevOps. He is a successful trainer and trained over 5000+ professionals in Test Automation to get well-versed with the concepts and help them in implementing them in real-time. Besides his Testing Profession, he spends his time in Web and Android development. He has innovated several IP tools that revolutionise the way testing works within organisations.


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