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TestFlix 2021 – Geetika Gagneja

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Geetika Gagneja

SDET Manager

Atomic Talk Title: Testing is everyone’s responsibility. We need to bring the change in our mindset of “who will do it” from “How can it get done”

Paradigm shift of the entire testing/Automation process. How can we look for automation much more in depth than just the test automation as a group. How can the entire team be engaged in this process of a great quality product. Automation is easy the question is how to get the right automation. Bring that change you want to be part of.


  1. How to engage stakeholders in the process of automation
  2. How can we evolve our automation strategies inline with Automation pyramid?
  3. How can we achieve Value if we don’t have quality
  4. Process and Infrastructure Automation


Speaker Bio

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in People Management, mentoring and building teams, Automation framework development, Dev-ops, Bug Tracking, Test Management, Test Planning, Regression Testing, and Visual Studio. Strong professional with good experience in Automation development, QA, People Management skills.

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