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TestFlix 2021 – Federico Toledo

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Federico Toledo

COO, co-founder and director at Abstracta

Atomic Talk Title: Reviewing your test automation strategy

Automation has gone from optional to mandatory in the past few years when it comes to developing software at speed. It has led teams and especially testers to adapt and evolve together with new technologies for coping with the automation needs.

No matter the original motivation, you might have somehow ended up crafting a strategy for doing test automation.

Now the question is, how did it mature? When was the last time you actually took a moment to do a little retrospective regarding your automation strategy? More so, when was the last time that someone reviewed the scripts themselves?

We will share three specific strategies we use to review and improve the quality of our test automation. We will show you how every detail counts, since asking the right questions at the right time, validating the way we are picking our selectors, making sure there is proper communication between the automators and the rest of the team, to taking a step back when it is necessary, to assess the current situation and how could be improved if it could be or changed towards a different direction.


  1. How to review the general test strategy and the automation role
  2. How to review your test code and improve it
  3. How to avoid duplications and waste in your test automation efforts
  4. Considerations on how to form teams


Speaker Bio

In 2008, Federico co-founded Abstracta (www.abstracta.us), a company that is dedicated to providing testing services and create development tools that help to simplify software testing tasks. Federico holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Computer UCLM, in Spain, and he completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the University of the Republic in Uruguay. Since he started testing in 2005, he has participated in functional, automated and performance testing projects as an analyst, tester and project leader. He co-founded Abstracta Academy and Apptim (formerly, Monkop). In 2014, he published the first testing book entirely in Spanish called “Introduction to Information Systems Testing”. He co-founded and collaborates in the Nahual project (www.nahual.uy), a non-profit organization for social inclusion through an education in software testing, and TestingUY (www.testinguy.org), the biggest testing conference in Latin America. Since 2019 he moved to California, USA, with his wife who is a researcher at UC Berkeley.


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