TestFlix 2021 – Cometa Rocks


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COMETA.rocks was crafted with :green_heart: in Barcelona. It is already used at one of the world’s foremost automakers. Cometa is bootstrapping, 100% Open Source and loves Developers, QAs and business partners.

COMETA uses a no-code/low-code approach to create and maintain your tests. If you want to code, you are invited to contribute to actions.py.

COMETA comes with enterprise grade security and scalability built-in. COMETA connects to any testing platform provider like saucelabs, headspin.io or browserstack.

COMETA is built with behave, selenium, selenoid, django, postgres, imagemagick, angular, docker, kubernetes, oAuth. COMETA integrates smoothly into anything via REST API and webhooks.

Join the COMETA channel on TTT and request your early access at https://cometa.rocks/

COMETA is waiting for you.


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