TestFlix 2021 - Beth Marshall

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Beth Marshall

Staff Quality and Test Engineer at Smoothwall

Atomic Talk Title: Training Software Testers: A Ten Step Guide

Have you ever thought about creating training for fellow software testers? Have you enjoyed training others at work and want to give advice to others, and may be get paid for doing so? If so, watch this talk first. This talk is a list of tips and tricks to consider when creating your own online training content, from someone who has spent the last 12 months working training commitments around their testing job.


  1. Things to know before you get started
  2. Inspiration of where to host your training
  3. Top 10 tips for aspiring content creators
  4. Tools to use to help you and when to pay for them


Speaker Bio

Beth has been testing since 2008, and currently works as Senior Test Lead at Smoothwall. Based in Leeds, UK, she’s passionate about testing and is a proud member of the global software testing community. She is also thrilled to be presenting at TestFlix, her very first international conference.


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