TestFlix 2021 - Balaji Ponnada

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Balaji Ponnada

AVP Testing - Client Solutions & New Technologies at ZenQ

Atomic Talk Title: Testing MQTT based IoT Applications

One of the important factors that differ testing IoTs is their communication protocol. In this talk I will speak about a specific communication protocol used in IoTs called MQTT, Need for MQTT, How is MQTT different from HTTP and what do you need to know to test MQTT based IoT applications.


  1. MQTT is a protocol that enables communication in unstable networks and is widely used in IoTs
  2. MQTT specification and various implementations make testing MQTT based application complex
  3. Testing MQTT applications involves in understanding the implementation of broker.
  4. Few parameters to note – Quality Of Service (QoS), Keep Alive, Clean Session(start)

Speaker Bio

Balaji Ponnada has about 14 years of experience in Software testing, is a context-driven tester, trained on ‘Rapid Software testing’ by James Bach, worked extensively at different phases of the test cycle – planning to execution. & reporting for various clients.

He also has an extensive experience working with K-12 education systems and leading LMS Moodle, Edmodo and Blackboard.

Currently, he is heading the IoT research center, Responsible for research, Collateral creation, and business development into IoT projects, Defining and implementing Test strategies for IoT systems. Research and collaboration into MQTT, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee protocol level testing, and implemented devices.


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