TestFlix 2021 - Ashok Thiruvengadam

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Ashok Thiruvengadam

Founder & CEO of STAG Software

Atomic Talk Title: Fail.lure

As a test professional, our motivation is to make software/systems fail. Not a vicarious thrill, but a deep motivation to deliver clean code.This talk is an an interesting take on our fascination with failures as: (1)“the ALLURING” – to visualise the perfect (2) “the LURING” – to seek out issues & (3) “the INURING” – to strengthen the inside.


  1. A simple ‘framework’ to being robust
  2. NINE tips to get there


Speaker Bio

Ashok is the Founder & CEO of STAG Software, a pure play test boutique. Passionate about solving problems, he is currently focused on SmartQA enabled by Immersive Session Testing. An avid long distance cyclist, ultra marathoner and now a wordsmith, he sees poetry in everything. A proud alumni of College of Engg Guindy and Illinois Tech.

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