TestFlix 2021 - Anuradha Raman

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Anuradha Raman

Lead Automation Test Engineer at Kissflow

Atomic Talk Title: QA & UX

This talk will share the path how a tester or QA can contribute or involve in User experience testing. There is a common (mis)understanding that UI is UX and when we are done testing all the UI screens, UX is assured. This talk will touch base on the important aspects of UX other than UI


  1. Understanding fundamentals of UX
  2. Need for User Experience and design testing in SDLC
  3. Tools that can be used to perform UX testing
  4. A simple process that can be followed for UX design testing


Speaker Bio

Passionate Testing professional with 10+ years of experience. Currently working as a Lead Automation Test Engineer @ Kissflow(A Unified Digital Workplace). At Kissflow, she owns quality releases for Case Management System and governs “Testing Best Practices” at chapter level. Test tribe champion for Chennai chapter. Thoroughly enjoys helping/mentoring QA folks in the community.


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