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TestFlix 2021 – Anna Ondrish

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Anna Ondrish

Quality Assurance Strategist | Coach | Mentor | Trainer | Hands-On Software Tester

Atomic Talk Title: How to Start a QA Department

I would like to speak about some areas to think about when starting a Quality Assurance Department. You’ve either been hired as the first QA Lead or been promoted to the position and your job is to build out the QA department. I’ve done this twice in my career and am excited for the opportunity to discuss my experience.


  1. Getting organized and identifying when it’s time to hire
  2. Hiring contractors, full time employees, or both
  3. How to identify place the right person on the right project or task
  4. Implementing a Test Case
  5. Management tool
  6. Equip the team to work independently
  7. Documenting Best Practices


Speaker Bio

Anna is eager to help you define and promote a quality mindset throughout all aspects of Testing by working with cross-functional teams to ensure that products built are delivered with the highest quality possible, on time and on budget.

With her experience and extensive knowledge working with Waterfall, Agile and a Hybrid approach, she will be able to provide a review of requirements/user stories to help find gaps in functionality, create test plans and test cases that will encompass minimal repeatable critical functionality, execute the test cases, and log and retest fixed defects all while keeping with the project schedule.

Utilizing her strong SQL experience will allow for incorporating database testing by executing SQL queries for data migration, data manipulation, data validation testing, and back-end testing of databases to check integrity.

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