TestFlix 2021 – Amy Jo

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Amy Jo Esser

Director Of Quality Assurance

Atomic Talk Title: The A-Game

Unless you set a goal, unless you really decide what you want to achieve, how would you get what do you want? In absence of a goal, what path, what people, what practice, what technique is useful will not be known or may be proved as a trap. One of time tested heuristic is Achieve, Assess, Act and Practice with a solid mentor / coach or expert. Design your A-Game, play it consistently w/o execues and at the end Win it.


  1. Charge your AAA battery – Set a Goal, Assess your Abilities and Act NOW!
  2. Find and Connect with the experts who already excelled in that field
  3. Start with the Hardest Ability to learn
  4. Practice deliberately and consistently a.k.a Implement your A-Game daily


Speaker Bio

Accomplished Director of Quality Assurance with 15+ years of experience delivering superior implementations of complex software, meeting exact standards, functionality, and data quality by utilizing Agile/Scrum and Iterative methodologies. Improve processes, testing strategies, and test automation, building exceptional teams comprised of quality managers, quality/testing experts, and automation engineers.

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