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QonfX 2024 - Subhash Kotra

'QonfX 2024' - Esteemed Speaker

Subhash Kotra

QA Automation Lead at Tide

Embracing the Future:
Automation and SDETs in an AI-driven World

Automation has long been a cornerstone of software development, empowering teams to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance product quality. However, with the advent of AI, automation is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights. We’ll explore how AI-powered automation tools are revolutionizing traditional testing methodologies, enabling organizations to achieve unparalleled levels of speed, accuracy, and scalability in their testing processes. Moreover, as AI systems become increasingly pervasive, the role of SDETs is evolving to meet the demands of this new paradigm. SDETs are no longer confined to conventional testing tasks but are assuming a more strategic role in orchestrating the integration of AI into the software development lifecycle.

This talk will elucidate the evolving responsibilities of SDETs in leveraging AI technologies to design robust testing frameworks, harnessing machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis, and ensuring the ethical and responsible deployment of AI-driven solutions.

We will learn actionable strategies for harnessing AI to supercharge their testing processes, fortify their software against emerging threats, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Join me as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of automation and SDETs in shaping the future of software development in the AI era

Key Takeaways:
  • Evolution of Automation: Gain insights into the evolving role of automation in software development and testing, particularly in the context of AI technologies. Understand how AI-powered automation tools are reshaping traditional testing methodologies and driving unprecedented levels of efficiency and scalability.
  • Strategic Role of SDETs: Explore the expanded responsibilities of Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) in the era of AI. Learn how SDETs are transitioning from conventional testing tasks to strategic roles in integrating AI into the software development lifecycle, designing robust testing frameworks, and ensuring ethical AI deployment.
  • Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Landscape: Equip yourself with practical insights and real-world case studies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Learn how to adapt your testing strategies to embrace AI technologies, fortify your software against emerging threats, and drive innovation in your organization.

About Speaker


Subhash brings with him nearly two decades of experience in the realm of Software Testing & Engineering. His primary focus throughout his career has been on delivering high-quality products to the market punctually. He is committed to not only ensuring the timely release of products but also to their meticulous construction and the automation of repetitive tasks.

Beyond his professional achievements, Subhash has been an engaged participant in diverse community events. His support for open source projects underscores his commitment to collaborative and innovative initiatives. Additionally, he has distinguished himself as an enthusiastic speaker and blogger in various forums.

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