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QonfX 2024 - Rahul Verma

'QonfX 2024' - Esteemed Speaker

Rahul Verma

Senior Consultant and Coach - Automation, Security and Performance
at Trendig

AI in Testing - A Perspective on Possibilities

Generative AIs have gained a lot of attention and popularity, pretty quickly. This is only going to head in a forward direction in terms of their reach and the interest they generate. Applications of AI have become more and more approachable for otherwise AI-ignorant people like myself. Having access in the form of prompting to an otherwise complex model of models, is just the beginning. Beginning of something beautiful in testing? Beginning of a new form of chaos in an already chaotic field of work? Who knows!

This presentation is my note-taking exercise on the possibilities of using AI in testing. One might consider this as a more conceptual take on where all AI can help. This also helps in knowing, on which of these areas companies are really focusing on today and what the missed opportunities are.

As I write on the possibilities, I can’t help being skeptical about them as well. I am a tester. That comes with the trade. However, for those of you who interpreted my recent work and presentations as if I am against exploring AI in testing, this presentation could be helpful. I am a person of contradictions and acknowledge their co-existence. I think that’s what intelligence is all about anyways – organic or artificial.

Key Takeaways:

I am not fond of this section. Your takeaway(s) is/are dependent on what you want it/them to be. So, keep an open mind and listen to the presentation.

About Speaker


Rahul is a Consulting Tester and Coach with 20+ years of experiments.

His consulting uniqueness lies in his experience-mix: Hands-on knowledge on business and technical sides of Quality from its various dimensions, with a knack for programming and design.

He has presented, conducted workshops and published articles on a wide range of subjects related to Quality in various conferences and forums, internationally.

As a coach he has trained hundreds of professionals on Quality from a pluralistic standpoint.

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