QonfX 2024 - Naman kapoor

'QonfX 2024' - Esteemed Speaker

Naman Kapoor

STE-Automation at Google

Evolution of Testing Functions - A front row view.

This talk will begin at how is testing and roles like SDET viewed today. They can write Test Strategy, Test cases, know a bunch of tools, write automation test cases. Then we will deep dive into what from this list can be done by AI and what cannot be done by AI. If it can be done by AI, is the expected output same as a Human.

Subsequently, we will move to how the future of Testing is going to look like, we will discuss on things like Shift Left, Pyramid of Testing, Hermetic testing and other things. The future SDETs will not just focus on Quantitative Testing but also on Qualitative Testing (Testing Ranking in something like a search, Catching Bias in AI models etc.). They will be focussing on Designing Hermetic stacks and designing tests for them. AIM will be that the bugs are not even checked into the code. They will need to develop analytical skills which are going to come in Handy in cases like analyzing the bug trends in production and seeing where it is going and finding Root Cause for the movement, fixing processes etc. In all of this AI is going to be our companion.

As much as this is unfortunate, Manual testing will continue to see a decline.

Key Takeaways:
  • AI is not going to take away jobs. People will loose job if they do not upgrade their skills. AI is going to be a great friend.
  • Coming era is going to be the time where we are going to re-discover the lost territory of what should be the right way to do testing.
  • Testing in future will hold the same level as development. Already many companies have switched to this model where there is little or no difference between a SDET and SDE.

About Speaker


Naman has close to 13 Years of Exp. Working in Google from past 5+ years and past employers include Apple and Amazon. Started the career from GlobalLogic (a services company) and then moved to Polycom (a small product company). Passionate about teaching, mentoring and guiding SDETs/TEs/QAs on upskilling. hundreds of professionals on Quality from a pluralistic standpoint.

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