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QonfX 2024 - Gomathi Ramalingam

'QonfX 2024' - Esteemed Speaker

Gomathi Ramalingam

Head of QA at Simba Chain

Beyond the Block:
Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Testing

As blockchain technology continues its dynamic evolution and gains wider acceptance across various industries, it’s clear that testing approaches need to evolve too. The future of blockchain testing extends far beyond simply examining the core blockchain network itself. It requires a broader perspective that encompasses the entire ecosystem surrounding blockchain solutions – including applications, platforms, integration points, and tokenisation capabilities crucial for real-world implementation. By adopting a “testing beyond the block” approach, we can drive successful mainstream implementation of blockchain solutions. majority of the community till now.

Key Takeaways:
  • Holistic Testing Approach
  • Working with the Complexity of the
  • Components Robust end-to-end experiences
  • Focus on Real-World Implementation
  • Driving Successful Adoption

About Speaker


A forward thinking, capable and committed Head of QA and Delivery with a proven ability to deliver solutions within agreed deadlines. Focused on shaping programme and project level strategies, and delivery across business area programmes and projects. Having excellent leadership, negotiating and communicating skills and capable of providing authoritative guidance and advice to both in house and third party teams.

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