QonfX 2023 - Vikas Mittal

'QonfX 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Vikas Mittal

Testing Evangelist, Keynote Speaker, Forbes Technology Council, and BrowserStack Champion

Testing with my friend GenerativeAI.

We all are witnessing a big movement towards GenerativeAI becoming mainstream. This is an innovation which make a lot of mundane, generic tasks being taken up by applications like Copilot, ChatGPT.

But while AI will be assisting in some tasks, how are we ensuring the results shared by AI can be trusted. We can use them to take critical decisions, analyze inputs and formulate opinions based on the information provided by generative AI.

In my talk i will cover how Generative AI solutions can be a friend for a technologist and specially for test engineers. Which are the use cases where GenerativeAI will help us and where we shouldn’t use GenerativeAI.

Areas within a engineering lifecycle where GenerativeAI can bring a lot of value and how best to use it.

Key Takeaways

  • Why GenerativeAI is my friend not a foe
  • How GenerativeAI can help me to do my job better
  • Where I should use GenerativeAI and more importantly where I shouldn’t
  • Some examples where I am using GenerativeAI

Speaker Bio

Testing Evangelist: Keynote Speaker: Forbes Technology Council: BrowserStack Champion Vikas Mittal is an IIT Delhi alumnus working in software engineering for last 2 decades. His focus area includes the development of automation solutions for Software Testing Lifecycle and DevOps using the latest technological innovations in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Leader by spirit, Vikas has spearheaded the teams of testing professionals as large as 1000+ consultants, helping and supporting them all in accomplishing their personal as well as company goals. His expertise in architecture, design, and implementation of test automation frameworks and solutions enables him to serve high-end customers well. In 2002, the young and dynamic engineering graduate began his career as a Java developer but graduated soon to become a student of software engineering working across all roles in an engineering lifecycle. Over the years scaled up to work at senior-level positions of Global Head, Quality Assurance, Global Head of Testing Horizontal, Chief Solution Architect, and QA Lead in top-notch IT & software development companies. Vikas has been involved in mentoring and guiding 250+ test engineers over a period of last 2.5 years in the experience bracket of 7-12 years through his free for all masterclass on LinkedIn to answer fundamental questions on How to improve and showcase value as a tester in an Agile environment Growth-paths which exist for a tester but are left unexplored What is the need of future technology organizations from a tester? How to be future ready In last 8 years bring responsible as head of testing for 3 different organizations, Vikas has hired and mentored 2000+ testing professionals. Working with global fortune 100 customers has also uniquely helped Vikas to look at technology closely and how leaders are thinking about using it in the future.

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