QonfX 2023 - Mukund Zalke

'QonfX 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Mukund Zalke

Technical Leader – SDET at UST

Exploring the Future of Decentralized Technology: An Introduction to Web3, Metaverse, Smart Contracts, and Testing Fundamentals.

We will delve into the exciting world of blockchain, web3, metaverse, and smart contracts. we will learn the basics of how blockchain technology works and how it is being used in a variety of industries. we will also discover the power of web3 and how it is enabling decentralized applications (dApps) to be built on top of blockchain networks.
we will also see the creation and testing of smart contracts the web 3 stack and how we can test it as well along with that we will also see one metaverse application demo.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Blockchain Ecosystem
  • SmartContracts and how to develop and Test.
  • Web3 and Metaverse Concept.
  • Demo of Web3 Application and Smart Contract Testing.

Speaker Bio

Working as a Research & Development(CoE) team focused on Quality Engineering. Responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the quality assurance teams and working collaboratively with the Quality Managers and the Director of Quality Assurances Practice to develop and implement strategies to improve the effectiveness of the product quality and practice.

I am passionate about innovation and an automation enthusiast. He loves brainstorming and implementing ideas to figure out ways to improve the product quality. Having a blend of Dev, QA ,Security & DevOps mindset. I also like’s to explore research, new technologies, experiment with existing one’s to improve productivity and also would like to share his knowledge with his colleagues and with the community.

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