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Master Web Automation with Playwright and TypeScript

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27 April - 19 May
Sat & Sun

5 PM to 8 PM

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Program Outcomes

Build Foundations in Playwright

Build a solid foundation in Playwright and Typescript.

Master Playwright’s architecture, and the skills to design robust automation frameworks using Playwright.

Basics to Advanced Automation Techniques

Transit from understanding the basics to mastering complex automation using Playwright.

Get ready to tackle any testing scenario with precision and creativity.

Docker and CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate Docker, CI/CD, and Cucumber into automation workflows.

Position yourself as an invaluable asset to any Tech team.

Real-World Tools Application

Deepen your expertise with hands-on training in Typescript, Docker, Jenkins, TraceViewer and Cucumber, preparing you to confront real-world technology


Week 1
Week 1-4

Introduction to Playwright & Typescript

  • What is Playwright & Typescript

  • Typescript Overview
  • Playwright vs Other Web Automation Tool

  • Architecture of Playwright VS Other Tools
  • Reason of Choosing Typescript
  • Different ways of Playwright Installation
  • Writing Your First Playwright Test
  • Different ways to Execute Test
  • Trace Viewer Introduction
  • TraceViewer options & Editing Trace Viewer options via command line
Week 2
Week 1-4

Locator Strategies, Assertion & UI Elements

  • Finding locators and recording locators using Playwright inspector & SelectorsHub
  • Assertions -Visible/Hidden,  Present/Not Present, etc.
  • Basic UI Element – Text box & Button, Radio Button, Check Boxes, Single & Multiple Static Dropdown, Confirmation Alert, Alert with Textbox etc. 
  • Advance UI Element – WebTable, Frame Handling, Window Handling, Drag and Drop, Download & Upload File, etc.
Week 3
Week 1-4

Frameworks & API Testing

  • Framework 1 – Hooks, Grouping Test, Annotations , etc

  • Framework 2 – Capture Screenshot & Record Video, Parametrize Test, Data read from JSON, CSV
  • Framework 3 – POM and it’s implementation, Access modifier, Base page implementation, Fixtures
  • Framework 4 – Existing Reporter types in Playwright, Inbuilt HTML Report vs Allure Report (and it’s imtegration)
Week 4
Week 1-4

Cucumber, Docker & CI/CD Integration

  • Introduction to Cucumber, Docker, CI/CD and Jenkins.
  • Running Tests using Cucumber, Docker, etc.
  • Adding Screenshots to Cucumber HTML Report & Multiple Cucumber HTML Report
  • Parallel Execution & Rerun Failed Test in Cucumber.
  • Docker File & Compose Introduction & Implementation
  • Docker Volume Mapping
  • Non Parametrized &  Parametrized Project

Who Is This Programme For?


Beginners with no prior coding experience.


Manual testers wanting to transit their career towards automation testing.


Those looking to boost their earnings by adding portfolio to their skill.


Passionate about constant learning in automation.

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Bootcamp Preview: Insights from the Instructor

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Know More About Instructor

Vignesh S.

Software Quality Engineer, N26

Vignesh is a Senior Automation Engineer with significant expertise in Web automation, Mobile automation, API automation, and Performance testing.

He has been involved in Software Automation Testing for over 9+ years, demonstrating a keen interest in learning new technologies and tools that facilitate automation. Due to his passion for automation testing, he has gained extensive exposure to several tools and languages. He’s also a passionate Educator having taught over a thousand students over the past 5 years.

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With this program, you will:

  • Learn Playwright and Typescript from scratch and also learn tools like Docker, Cucumber, Jenkins, and more.
  • Integrate all the tools and test the website using them.
  • Earn an invaluable certificate from The Test Tribe.

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The Test Tribe is the World’s Largest Software Testing Community turned EdTech Startup. Started in 2018 with a mission to give Testing Craft the glory it deserves while we co-create Smarter, prouder, and confident Testers. We take pride in solving upskilling and growth for global Testing professionals through our unique offerings like Expert Courses, Membership, Cohorts, Offline Mixers, online Community spaces, and a lot of global Events. Our offerings enable Software Testers globally to collaborate, learn, and grow together. With around 270+ Software Testing Events like Conferences, Hackathons, Meetups, Webinars, etc., and with other Community initiatives, we have reached a global footprint of over 120K+ Testers from 130+ Countries. We intend to provide life-altering growth to every single Testing professional on the planet through community and technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, This is a hands-on workshop with a lot of mini-activities that you will have to perform on your laptop. So, To get the best experience for the workshop, We will suggest joining through a Laptop/Computer.

We would suggest you install Playwright and read the prerequisite document before coming to the workshop. The Pre-requisite document will be given once you register for the workshop.

Yes, For the people with Premium passes, You can get added to the Workshop alumni group to take guidance from the instructor and interact with your peers. 

Please contact us at [email protected] to get group discounts for your team

Yes, You can get access to the recordings later on if you have a premium pass for the workshop.

We will share the URL to join the workshop prior to the workshop date.

The event will be for 3 hours from 5 PM IST to 8 PM IST, on Weekends for 4 Weeks.