Learn Performance Testing with Gatling​
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Learn Performance Testing with Gatling

What you will learn​

  • Scala Fundamentals: Understand data types, variables, loops, and functions.
  • Gatling Installation: Install and set up Gatling efficiently.
  • Simulations Recording: Record and run simulations using HAR and HTTP modes.
  • API Testing Automation: Automate GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE API requests.
  • Detailed Reporting: Create and customise performance test reports.
  • Advanced Frameworks: Use feeders, injection models, and command line operations.
Vignesh Srinivasa Raghavan

Vignesh S.

Software Quality Engineer, N26


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Why Learn Gatling?

  • Performance Testing Efficiency: Comprehensive features for efficient testing.
  • Scala Integration: Write complex, efficient performance tests.
  • In-depth Reporting: Detailed analysis and customization options.
    Automation and
  • Integration: Streamline API testing with Maven.
  • Advanced Frameworks: Utilise feeders, injections, and command line.


This Workshop is
Tailored For

  • Performance Testers: Enhance skills with advanced tools.
  • Software Developers: Integrate performance testing into workflows.
  • QA Engineers: Automate and optimise testing processes.
  • DevOps Engineers: Add performance testing to CI/CD pipelines.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Learn and improve performance testing skills.

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Workshop Outline


Scala & Introduction to Performance Testing

  • Introduction to Scala
  • Setup Scala project and execute Hello World Test
  • Data Types, Variables & Constants
  • Conditional statements: if, else, else-if
  • Looping constructs: for loops, while loops
  • Functions
  • Performance Testing Introduction and its types
  • Key Metrics in Performance Testing
  • Gatling Introduction and Features offered by Gatling
  • Gatling Vs Other Tools

Installation, Setup, and API Testing with Gatling

  • Prerequisite before Installing Gatling
  • Gatling installation
  • Gatling Recorder Introduction
  • Record – HAR converter Mode
  • Record – HTTP Mode
  • Edit & Run Recorded Simulation
  • Inbuilt Report overview
  • Override default Report Configuration
  • Create Gatling Project using IntelliJ
  • First Gatling Script – GET API Automation
  • POST API Automation
  • PUT API Automation
  • Delete API Automation
  • Get Request data from File
  • Combine multiple scenarios


Gatling Basics and Advanced

  • How to Add Pause Time
  • Assertion – Response Status
  • Assertion – Response Body
  • Extract Data from
  • Response Body
  • Clearing Cache and Cookies
  • Different Logging mechanism
  • Reusable methods
  • Base Test
  • Adding parameter in Base Test
  • Looping HTTP Calls


Advanced Frameworks

  • Framework 1 – Feeder
  • Framework 2 – Injection
  • Framework 3 – Command Line
  • Framework 4 – Environment Parameters

Know More About Instructor

Vignesh S.

Software Quality Engineer, N26

Vignesh is a Senior Automation Engineer with significant expertise in Web automation, Mobile automation, API automation, and Performance testing.

He has been involved in Software Automation Testing for over 9+ years, demonstrating a keen interest in learning new technologies and tools that facilitate automation. Due to his passion for automation testing, he has gained extensive exposure to several tools and languages. He’s also a passionate Educator having taught over a thousand students over the past 5 years.

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