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finer circle membership for passionate software testers


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₹999.00 Every 1 year for 15 years
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  1. Welcome Kit from Qonfidence by TTT – Styling & Productivity Gear for Testers
  2. 10% Discount on all Courses
  3. 15% Discount on all Workshops
  4. 10% Discount on all Bootcamps
  5. Free access to all Virtual Conferences
  6. Free access to all The Test Tribe City Meetups, anywhere
  7. Personalized Job Assistance with matched opportunities
  8. Free Resume Screening
  9. 10% Discount to TestAway Programs (if selected)
  10. Priority screening for Conference CFPs, TestAway
  11. Access to Worqference 2022 recordings

To claim any benefit, you need to email contact[at]thetesttribe.com