TTTribecast: Webinar by Michael Bolton on “The Logic of Verification”

webinar Michael Bolton Logic of Verification

TTTribecast: Webinar by Michael Bolton on “The Logic of Verification”

Hello, Tribals,
We are here with something new and exciting yet again.
TTTribeCast it is. Our very own Webinar Series. This time with a webinar by Michael Bolton on the “Logic of Verification”.
What is TTTribeCast?
Testing Community is amazing. The reach and diversity it has been even more amazing. And that’s why we think that the physical reach of The Test Tribe Community should not become the barrier between Knowledge Givers and Seekers.
TTTribeCast is the Webinar Series by The Test Tribe where any Tester from the World can take up the virtual stage and share his/her knowledge with our Tribe.
The format is Simple. The speaker goes live, shares his/her knowledge on the decided topic followed by a quick Q&A through comments on Live Video.
What’s in Store this time?
Webinar by Michael Bolton on “The Logic of Verification”
Software testing is sometimes described as “verification and validation”—according to Wikipedia “the process of checking that a software system meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose”. Yet, if we examine the concept and logic of verification, we quickly recognize that there are serious limitations to what can and cannot be checked and verified. This is not to say that checking is a bad thing—on the contrary; checking can be very valuable. Still, it’s important for testers and their clients to recognize the fundamental limitations of checking, and to address those limitations in our testing strategies.
Join Michael Bolton as he outlines the logic of verification, ways in which we might be vulnerable to false premises and misleading conclusions about it, and how we can address those problems by embedding verification in a larger system of testing, experimentation, and critical thinking.
When is this happening?
6th of July | Saturday | 8:30 PM-9:30 PM IST
Where can I watch this?
The Webinar would be hosted on Zoom this time but it would also be broadcast live in The Test Tribe Facebook Community. If you are not part of it already, do join at
About Michael Bolton:
Michael’s Twitter Bio says- “I help people to solve testing problems that they don’t know how to solve, and help them learn how to do that for themselves.”
Michael is a consultant and trainer specialized in Rapid Software Testing (see, a skill set and a mindset focused on high-value testing that is fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable. He also write extensively about testing and software development on his blog (see
– He helps organizations, software development groups, and testers to defend the value of projects and products in any development context: Agile, Lean, DevOps, Scrum, or more traditional development models.
– He provides consulting to executives and managers who want the fastest, least expensive testing that still completely fulfills the testing mission.
– He teaches Rapid Software Testing—one of the world’s most highly regarded classes on software testing.
– He helps people responsible for testing to focus on a fundamental management question: are there problems that threaten the on-time, successful completion of development work?
– He teaches other classes including Rapid Software Testing for Managers, Rapid Software Testing for Programmers, Rapid Software Testing Strategy, Critical Thinking for Testers, and more.
Know more about Michael here-
So we hope you all are as excited as we are. See you all at Live Hour.
Happy Learning! Happy Testing!
With Love,
The Test Tribe Team

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Jul 06 2019


8:30 PM - 9:30 PM




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The Test Tribe Facebook Community

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