Virtuoso Automation Hackathon

Virtuoso Hackathon

Virtuoso Automation Hackathon

Full details at the event page: https://www.thetesttribe.com/virtuoso-automation-hackathon/


Event Duration: 2nd October 10 AM IST to 3rd 10 PM IST


Frequently asked questions:

1. Is this an Automation Hackathon, or a Testing Hackathon?

Answer: This is an Automation Hackathon with challenges to be solved in Web Automation.


2. Is this a Web Automation Hackathon, or a Mobile Automation Hackathon?

Answer: We will have challenges for Web Automation.


3. What Tech Stack is allowed to solve the given Automation Challenges?

Answer: You need to solve the challenges using the Virtuoso Automation Platform.


4. Do I need to have Devices (Laptop / Smartphone) available?

Answer: Yes, you need your laptop or computer available.


5. Any other prerequisites?

Answer: Make sure you have a strong primary Internet connection and arrange a backup connection as well if possible.


6. Where would the participants submit their code?

Answer: Your code will be available by default on Virtuoso Cloud.


7. Can we participate in a group?

Answer: Yes, we recommend participating as a Team/Group as that would allow you to do more and better work in a given time. Max team size can be 4.


8. I have few queries, how do I contact the Organizer?

Answer: Please email us at contact[at]thetesttribe.com


9. Is this a free-to-attend Event?

Answer: Technically Yes. INR 100 charge is there which is fully refundable once you attend the event.


10. Is this an “Open to all” Event?

Answer: No, unfortunately. To make it an interesting competition, only Automation Professionals with at least 6 Months of Automation Experience are allowed to participate.


11. What would be the Evaluation Process?

Answer: There will be multiple Evaluation Rounds. More on this during the Event briefing session on the Event day.


12. Where and how do we learn about the Virtuoso Platform in advance so that we are prepared?

Answer: We will open up access to the platform a week prior along with a Help tutorial to all the participants.


Essentials for the Event:

  • Laptop & Mobile (based on what you choose to automate)
  • Good Internet availability

To know more – http://www.thetesttribe.com/


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Oct 02 - 03 2021


10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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