The Test Tribe 13th Bangalore Meetup

The Test Tribe 13th Bangalore Meetup

Hello Bangalore Testers,

The 13th Bangalore Meetup for Testers is here and we are hosting it on December 22nd, Sunday, 10:30 AM


Microsoft Research,

Lavelle Road, Ashok nagar,


What’s in store?

Session 1: “Java Script for Testers” by Santhosh Tuppad (CEO Work2Code)

About Santhosh:

Santhosh Tuppad is an intrinsically motivated and passionate software tester whose specialty is security testing apart from his love for exploratory testing and check automation. He became a hacker at the age of 16 and he has variety of experiences through hacking and he loves to speak about his transformation from unethical hacker to ethical hacker. Santhosh having unethical hacker experience before transforming as an ethical hacker knows about how his enemies (blackhat hackers) function and how he can help companies to work on safeguarding the application and making it highly difficult for blackhat hackers to compromise the application.

Apart from this, Santhosh is also OWASP CheatSheet Series Contributor and likes to call himself “Privacy Fighter” because he cares.




Email: [email protected]

Session 2: “What Cases Should We Automate?” by Ravisuriya Eshwara

It is a common sight in a project for a Software Tester being asked to automate every tests. Is that practically achievable? As the automation progresses, one will learn it is not the best approach. Then what is the approach that need to be used to decide what should be automated? Later is the question, should we automate 100% or beyond the 100%.

In this interactive talk, I will walk through a useful model which can assist a Software Tester to decide and prioritise what should be automated and not, and why. Note this talk is not to say — automation is not needed. This talk is to assist a Software Tester, the team and the organisation to speed up, prioritise and solve that blocks from achieving the consistent automation.

This talk is for you, if:

>> confused what to automate and what not

>> trying to accomplish to automate everything

>> trying to accomplish for automating all test cases

>> automating all the tests cases that will be written

>> need to submit a report on automation coverage

>> you are asked the approach on selecting cases to automate

>> not sure what to expect out of automation

>> you have multiple stakeholders who don’t agree or know what to automate

>> starting your journey in automation

>> looking for a new & sparking thought though you are automating all this while

>> leading a team of Software Testers and you have a goal of automation

About Ravisuriya Eshwara 

I’m Ravisuriya, I crack jokes but people don’t see joke in it. But while I’m quite, they see that I’m joking.  I’m a student of Software Testing and a practicing software tester. My specialized area and skill in testing is identifying the Testability and making use of it better to context of the testing and project. I see that is not a easy skill and so I want to practice on that skill as specialization. Besides this, I test the client, the services and systems behind the services.  My email-id is ravisuriya1 at gmail dot com and my twitter handle is testingGarage.


Apart from the above items, it would be our opportunity to

– Meet

– Network

– Discuss some cool Testing Ideas/Things

– Ponder our thoughts on a few challenges we see as a Testers

– Chat over some quick bites and a cup of Coffee or Tea.



Where can I join the online community?

Directions to the venue?

Do I need to carry a laptop?


Can I bring more friends along?

-Of course 🙂 But please complete registrations for them, as we would need info to do required arrangements.

I/Someone has not registered, can I/He/She still attend?

– Unfortunately No. As we need to know the headcount prior to meetup to do required arrangements. You can do registrations by the day before Meetup Day.

Do we get snacks?

-Yes, along with a hot beverage

With Love,

The Test Tribe Team


Dec 22 2019


10:30 AM - 1:30 PM




The Test Tribe
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