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The Test Tribe 9th Bangalore Meetup @ Axis Thought Factory
Apr 28 @ 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
The Test Tribe 9th Bangalore Meetup @ Axis Thought Factory

Hello Bangalore Testers,

The 9th Testers Meetup is here and we are hosting it on April 28th, Sunday, 10:30 AM

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What’s in store?

This meetup we are hosting Santhosh Tuppad and Gina Enache with topics that are unusual and one of a kind.

Topic 1: “A bit of everything in Testing” Talk – Interaction & Demonstration Based by Santhosh Tuppad

Even though the world has an image of Santhosh Tuppad being an expert in Security Testing which is true, but he is basically passionate about Testing and tests across functional, usability, performance, user experience, load across any software with expertise in web, mobile and internet of things.

In this talk, Santhosh is going to have an interactive session by asking questions, challenging the audience to solve a problem with creative approach. The whole talk will be hands-on testing. Prepare yourself to ask any question to Santhosh Tuppad while he takes you on an exciting journey with his talk. You can feel free to bring your laptops if you wish to.

Key Takeaways 

– Finding out that there is so much in testing as any other profession

– Why it’s important to focus on skill-based testing and getting rid of or transform from traditional and shallow testing to power of testing.

– Unleashing the power of learning

– Getting to know which were not known before and feeling excited that you know such things.

– Fun, Fun, & Knowledge.

About Santhosh Tuppad 

Santhosh Tuppad has played different roles in his life which include being a passionate entrepreneur, liar, lover, boyfriend, husband, thief, software tester, blogger, reader, trainer, coach, black-hat hacker, white-hat hacker, grey-hat hacker and what not. In this amazing journey of life, he has experienced his salvation. Not to forget that “Salvation comes at a price” and of course he has paid that price. Before he was known for being merciless, ruthless, unkind, evil etc. And today he is known for kindness, humbleness, and some people call him “Privacy Fighter”. Santhosh is also one of the OWASP Cheatsheet Contributor and shares his knowledge on Security and Testing unconditionally. The world finds his ways “Unconventional”, but he thinks that it’s the best 😉

Note: If you see Santhosh, just go and hug him. He is also known as a “Hugger” and laughs a lot on his own jokes when other people are trying to understand his joke.

Know More About Santhosh Tuppad here:



With possibly enough testing skills acquired, its of utmost importance for a tester to keep a healthy state of mind. The second topic exactly addresses this.

Topic 2 The Story Within. Mind & Body Cooperation by Gina Enache

Gina Enache invites you on a journey in which she will explore how the filters through which we see reality are formed, a journey into the fascinating world of the brain. She will discuss how the biology and psychology are intertwined and how our life experiences shape our perception of the present situation.

The strategies through which we deal with daily stress have a significant impact on our well-being, how we relate to each other, as well as on our professional life. These strategies have been formed as a result of the experiences we have had. From a neural standpoint, the experiences we’ve had determine who we are today.

The development of resilience and the associated skills have never been more necessary. The good news is that resilience can be learnt – the brain is able to reshape the meanings we give to certain situations and the ways in which we cope with difficult situations.

Why this subject? In a world that’s permanently changing, we are often challenged to experience feelings of insecurity and unpredictability. How do we cope when things don’t work out like we planned? What do we do when it’s harder to recover from challenging situations?

In order to cope with this climate, to have good relationships, good health and also be productive and thrive at work, it is essential to learn from experiences and to move forward optimistically. During this workshop she will discuss how patterns are formed and how we can enrich and transform them so that we don’t remain captive in our own mental traps.

About Gina Enache 

I am a psychotherapist/clinical psychologist at Mind Education & Health in Bucharest, Romania.

I enjoy studying cognitive, emotional, social processes and human behavior by observing how people relate to one another and to their environments. Therefore, I can help people understand their challenges, either in their romantic relationship, at the workplace, or in their community. I like working with people in order to identify their strengths and resources which they can use in order to grow.

I have talked at Copenhagen Context 2016, RTC 2016, ATDAsia 2017, AGAGTR 2017 (Agile Testing Alliance Global Testing Retreat). I’ve also delivered multiple workshops and talks for companies like Orange, Coca-Cola, Cărturești, Transylvania College as part of my job at Mind Education & Health.

Know More About Gina Enache here:



Apart from the above items, it would be our opportunity to

– Meet

– Network

– Discuss some cool Testing Ideas/Things

– Ponder our thoughts on few challenges we see as a Testers

– We can have Quick Talks too. Yes, the platform will be set, you may just want to Stand up and Deliver a 100 Seconds talk about anything around Testing.

– Chat over some quick bites and cup of Coffee or Tea.



Where can I join the online community?

Directions to the venue? 


Do I need to carry a laptop? 


Can I bring more friends along? 

-Of course 🙂 But please complete registrations for them, as we would need info to do required arrangements.

I/Someone has not registered, can I/He/She still attend?

– Unfortunately No. As we need to know the headcount prior to meetup to do required arrangements. You can do registrations by the day before Meetup Day.

Do we get snacks?

-Yes, along with a hot beverage

With Love,

The Test Tribe Team

Testing Day with James Bach- Full Day Workshop on (Real) Testing @ Bangalore
Jun 25 @ 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Testing Day with James Bach- Full Day Workshop on (Real) Testing @ Bangalore

Hello Bengaluru Testers,

Here is once in a decade opportunity to learn Testing from one of the Best Tester in the world.

Yes, James Bach is doing a Full Day workshop with us this June 25th, 2019.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to excel as a Tester.
  • Anyone looking to unlearn the wrong and learn the right about Testing.
  • Test Leads, Test Managers looking to get better results from the Testing they and their team does.
  • Anyone who wants to explore the beauty of real Testing.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to Test Faster and Better.
  • Anyone who wants to Test and learn to Test better with one of the Best Tester in the world.

Event Schedule
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on 25th June 2019 | Bangalore

Event Outline:

Bring your laptop and prepare to do some real testing.

Every professional tester should be able to test a new feature that is put in front of him, regardless of whether that feature has a good spec or no spec at all. Every tester should be able to test without a script telling him what to do.

Every tester should be able to plot the test strategy and explain that strategy to his clients. Come to this workshop and be challenged to do all these things by James Bach, author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing and creator of the Rapid Software Testing methodology.

We will stop along the way to discuss methods and review your work. This will be a class for people who are serious about testing.

Among many other things, the Heuristic Test Strategy model is one of the things we’ll discuss and learn.

Learn from James how to Test Better, and Faster.

More about James Bach

James is CEO of Satisfice, Inc, company dedicated to teaching and consulting in Software Testing. He is a Founding Member of Rapid Software Testing(RST) Methodology.

He started in the Software business as a programmer. He likes programming. But He finds the problems of software quality analysis and improvement more interesting than those of software production. For him, there’s something very compelling about the question “How do I know my work is good?” Indeed, how do I know anything is good? What does good mean? That’s why He got into Software Testing, in 1987.

James is also the author of books like “Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach” and “Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: How Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion Can Lead to a Lifetime of Success“.

Know more about James here-


So what are you waiting for? Register NOW and be part of this possibly life-changing Event. Your journey towards real testing starts* here.


With Love,
The Test Tribe Team