The Test Tribe 2nd Chandigarh Meetup

5th Aug 2023
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST

Past Attendees & Speakers from


5th Aug 2023
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST


IDEA Coworking Space
Sector 17

Quantify success and value with Absolute ROI and Derived ROI Value, assessing financial returns and broader impact for quality metrics.

Quality Metrics are essential tools for evaluating the effectiveness and success of organizational endeavors.

Absolute ROI measures the direct financial returns of investments, comparing costs with generated revenue. It provides a clear indicator of profitability and efficiency.

On the other hand, Derived ROI Value captures indirect benefits that go beyond monetary gains, such as improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. It evaluates the holistic impact on business outcomes and strategic objectives.

Both metrics play a crucial role in decision-making, resource allocation, and continuous improvement efforts. By utilizing Absolute ROI and Derived ROI Value, organizations can effectively gauge the quality and value of their initiatives and drive long-term success.

Key TakeAways
  1. Learn about how to collect data for QA ROI Metrics
  2. What are absolute and derived ROI metrics
  3. How to present or project the ROI Metrics

Session #1

Mayank Bansal

Sr. QA Manager
Infosys Nokia
Infosys Nokia

Quality-Oriented QA Program Manager with 14+ years of extensive QA and Automation experience across multiple product delivery life cycles. Thorough hands-on experience in different levels of automation and functional testing including API, Unit, Regression and User Acceptance testing.

Introduction to Performance Testing

Performance testing is a critical phase in the software development lifecycle aimed at evaluating the speed, stability, and scalability of applications under various conditions.

It involves simulating real-world scenarios to measure response times, throughput, resource utilization, and identify potential bottlenecks that could impact user experience.

By conducting performance tests, developers and testers gain valuable insights into an application’s performance limits, enabling them to optimize code, database queries, and infrastructure configurations for enhanced end-user satisfaction and smooth operations, especially during peak loads and stress situations.

Key TakeAways
  1. Overview of performance testing and its importance in the software development lifecycle
  2. Different types of performance testing (load testing, stress testing, etc.
  3. Key performance metrics used in performance testing
  4. Learn how to write & execute a Performance Test in Jmeter

Session #2

Nikhil K.

Senior Software Test Engineer Grazitti Interactive

Meet Nikhil, a seasoned Software Testing Professional with over 5 years of expertise in the industry. With a strong background in testing mobile apps and websites, Nikhil has successfully ensured flawless user experiences for diverse domains, including online car booking, food ordering, and e-commerce.

As a dedicated Team Lead, Nikhil spearheads automation efforts, collaborating closely with the development team and stakeholders to grasp project requirements thoroughly.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products, Nikhil leaves no stone unturned in creating exceptional software solutions that exceed expectations and delight users at every step.

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      Software Testing Meetup in Mumbai | Tester's Community Meet
      Bangalore 12

      Join the 24th software testing meetup in Bangalore by The Test Tribe happening on 15th May, 2023. Learn about Develop a reporting server for test automation reports & leveraging LowCode/NoCode.

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      Bhargav Murari

      Competent and diligent professional with an experience of 8+ Years in Automation Testing, Focused and hardworking, An individual equipped with methodical knowledge and business understanding coupled with an analytic bent of mind and confident to take challenging assignments. I am a Selenium, Devops Specialist, Docker Enthusiast, R&D innovation by introducing mobile app to execute automation and Data analytics in Automation.

      Gender: Male

      Job Title: Senior Test Automation Engineer

      Vadeesh Budramane

      Currently Founder & CEO at AlgoShack, Former Senior Vice President at Sutherland Global Services, Former Director & Head of Healthcare Vertical at Computer Sciences Corporation, Former Managing Director at FCG. 32 years of experience focused on product engineering, innovation & IP creation. In his 15+ years of experience in senior leadership positions, Vadeesh has been responsible for strategic planning, end-to-end operations, and P&L. He has built globally competitive leadership teams, orchestrated strategic customer engagements, and created significant value for stakeholders.

      Gender: Male

      Job Title: Founder & CEO