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The Test Tribe Turns Three!

Sometime in December 2017 ~ Question: “Why the state of Testers and state of Testing is the way it is? Why don’t we see enough passionate Testers around who would want to break through the comfort zone, learn at scale, evolve, and help others evolve?”…

2020: Year in Review

Can you remember how was 1st of January 2020? No? Can you stress a bit and try to remember how it was for you? Well, it is fine if you can’t remember it precisely. I cannot remember it as well. But one thing you, me,…

TestAway Shimla- From Attendee Perspective

“This is an amazing, amazing, amazing experience!”, exclaimed Subham as Mahesh trained the camera at him. Mahesh was live streaming the experiences of the participant testers of TestAway Shimla on Facebook as the fifteen of us strolled from the playground, back to The White Haven…

Test Away – Through My Eyes

TestAway was a long dreamed event for the Testing Community. It came out in a wonderful fashion and the experience was one of a kind. We asked Geosley Andrades (Associate Engineering Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand) to share his experience of TestAway and he very gladly…

Burp Suite Demonstration

In this round up post, Gaurav Narawani gives us a glimpse on the Burp Suite. When a request is sent from a browser, it goes through a series of steps before it comes back to the browser. Burp suite can be used to modify the…

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