AMA session with Lalit Bhamare on “Changing Role of a Tester”.

AMA on Changing Role of a Tester

Hello Tribe,

Here is the recording of our third session from the AMA series we started wherein Lalit Bhamare is answering questions on “Changing Role of a Tester”.

Know more about Lalit here-

It was a Facebook Live AMA within The Test Tribe group and as promised we are making it available to everyone.

Before you start watching the video, you may want to have a look at few(but not all) of the questions which Lalit Bhamare answered during the AMA:

  • How is the dimension of hiring testers going to change?
  • Is it a good idea for the testers to excel in all areas of testing like automation, performance etc., or be a master of one in the context of the current hiring process?
  • What is your take on various testing positions popular in the market while hiring?
  • What are the options testers can explore in dev ops field?
  • Career options available from testing and how it can be achieved?
  • If quality is not valued, bugs do not matter. What will tester do?
  • How to change your role from QA to dev ops guy considering company will consider you as a fresher?
  • Roles always keep changing, how do you think testers can stay with the change curve, what they can do and how?
  • What is the one thing that you would tell a candidate going to get hired?
  • Is it good to be an expert in any one domain?
  • What will be the scenario of the tester when artificial intelligence comes into the market?
  • What is the one thing that testers should not do?
  • Certifications, how much of value are they? are there any options other than ISTQB?


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