4th The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup Roundup

The tradition continues and Geosley being one of our Meetup attendees shares his experience. Here he goes –

On an eventful Saturday Morning 91 Springboard Lotus our meetup venue did blossom with budding
Test Tribes Members way before the scheduled time and super excited to be part of this catch-up.
With the frequency of Mumbai meetups increasing there was a lot of confusion which 91 Springboard venue to attend. Some people did land up in the previous 91 Springboard Meetup venue
This is indeed a promising sign for Test Tribe. We all did eventually wait for our lost wanderers and
in no time the meeting room was completely houseful. Might have to think of a Bigger venue next time.
The meeting Kicked off with Mahesh, Founder of the Test Tribe talking about the vision and mission
statement for The Test Tribe.
The meeting progressed with Introductions. The twist in the story was to introduce your buddy to the entire group in just a minute of side talk. Yes, this did test our memorizing power and communication skills. There were some in the midst of all this introducing themselves instead of their buddies.
House turned into a beehive as soon as time started to listen to their neighbors. Introduction session was put live on The Test Tribe Facebook group and people just loved it. This was a nice breaker indeed.
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Mahesh introducing the Tribe
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Introduction session 🙂
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Introduction session getting interesting 🙂

The Theme this time was diversity. First session was on “Overview and Demonstration of OWASP Top 10 Attacks” by Gaurav Narwani, who happens to be an undergraduate student and Bug bounty hunter being among the top 700 on BugCrowd. The session was super interactive with an introduction to BurpSuite, Security Testing Tools and live attack demos on hacking Labs like Web Goat. It’s just a matter of time, you might see more Bounty Hunters in the Tribe soon.

The best part was that he had recorded all the attacks earlier and played the video which made us understand the topic more clearly.

Gaurav demonstrated how SQL injection attacks can be made on poorly coded fields and how severe that can be. Using SQL injection he accessed the complete database and displayed fields of interest on the web form.

Another interesting demonstration was of XSS attack where he executed a script from the input field and created a new admin account on the demo website. Of course, this was frightening. What if such an attack is made on the software we test. It would be a blunder of course.

Glad he covered vulnerabilities and also how to avoid them.

Image may contain: 2 people
Gaurav Narwani talking about OWASP attacks

His session ended with a couple of interesting questions related to Bug Bounty and Security Testing.

We had a quick Tea and Coffee break and returned back for Geosley’s session.

Geosley’s talk was must have for all the aspiring Automation Engineers. He not only explained the importance of having a Framework but also detailed on how the Automation Framework evolved over time.

In his session, he talked about features and structure of Data-Driven framework, Keyword Driven framework, Hybrid framework, Page Object Model and BDD framework. It was a nice session to understand what kind of framework can be applied in which situation. The session concluded with the entire room raising their hands on being empowered to build one on their own soon.

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Geosley showing contents of a demo Automation Framework

Post the session, the fun continued. Munching on our quick bites. We discussed on the Session Feedback, Plan for the next meet up, Feasibility of conducting a workshop and the list went on and on. We did surprise our founder by cutting a birthday cake for him which was later enjoyed by us all. A couple of group photographs with our signature TTT pose, this meetup ended with a lot of learnings, a bond of friendship and a ray of hope for the bright future of Test Tribe ahead.

We are sure you must have loved the topic and event. Join us, spread the word and share with your friends.

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