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Automating Test Design & Designing Test Automation Workshop

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We are super confident of what we are delivering and hence this Money Back Guarantee wherein one can claim it anytime in the initial 5 Weeks of the Bootcamp if they feel we are not delivering what we promised with the Quality.

Hear from our Past Attendees!

Hear from our Past Attendees!

Hear from our Past Attendees!

Usually, when people go to a class, they have certain implicit or explicit goals, expectations, desires, hopes, needs. For me it was different. It was above all these. I just wanted to stay, reflect, wonder, and enjoy. I knew that there were things that I did not know that I should know, and I was right. Robert Sabourin has such a big energy and passion. For me is very clear that his target audience is not only testers but also programmers, Product Owners, Managers, Scrum Masters….because “testing is about social responsibility”

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Marius Francu

Rapid Software Testing - Peer Advisor

I liked the most the tools introduced for automating test designs. -Optimising regression test suit methods will help me increase the test coverage when the time is limited. -I would recommend this Bootcamp.

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Konstantinos Gkouts

I had several Eureka moments that helped get rid of several myths I seem of have about Software Engineering and Testing. I now have a repertoire of ideas to take back home from this course.

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Chidambaram Ganesan

Test Lead at Moolya Testing, India

This is a really great workshop, with excellent content, practical test techniques and approaches that can be applied in many different contexts. Rob’s passion and energy encouraged great interaction from the workshop participants, and he shared many real case studies and examples from his vast experience to show the practical effects of applying these approaches in the real world. This is an amazing course and Rob is an amazing instructor. Thanks TTT for organising this bootcamp, highly recommended!

TestFlix Global Software Testing Binge Sharon O'Boyle


Software Tester at IBM

The benefits of JIT for me are that it delves into a hands-on approach into Test idea sources, Test Design and Techniques. Seeing Rob go through Control Flow, Decision Tables and Combinatorics is essential and his coverage of Failure Modes Analysis is the icing on the cake. JIT delves deep and you come out of the course armed with tools and concepts that you can use. The term test idea is always thrown around, but try to find a suitable definition? JIT is full of test ideas along with a definition! Robs is a master at teaching and at provoking thought…..full of test ideas!



Rob Sab’s JIT is a must for testers and developers alike. The workshop examples tie directly to real world testing problems, are practical and quick to implement. My teams have even implemented the ideas from JIT during course breaks. I highly recommend JIT for anyone wanting to understand more about what testing is, how to do it professionally and provide real value.

Adam White

Senior Engineering Leader at Q4

Workshop Syllabus

Module 1: Automating Test Design Tool Supported 

  • Scope Focus and Variables in Test Design
  • Decision Tables
  • Path Analysis
  • Pairwise combinatorics


Module 2: Automating Test Design Scripting 

  • Scripting Combinations
  • Scripting Permutations
  • Scripting Selections
  • Sampling
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Test Generation

Module 3: Designing Test Automation Modeling

  • Exploration Field Stones
  • Regression
    • Structural
    • Transactional
    • Acceptance testing
  • Nonfunctional
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Simulation
  • Attacks

Module 4: Designing Test Automation Some Patterns

  • Popular automation patterns
  • Risky automation antipatterns
  • Keyword and data driven testing.
  • Acceptance test scripts in gherkin
  • Mocking

About Instructor

TestFlix Global Software Testing Binge Robert Sabourin
Robert Sabourin

Rob Sabourin has more than thirty-nine years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A highly respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached thousands of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization. Rob authored “I am a Bug!”, the popular software testing children’s book; works as an adjunct professor of software engineering at McGill University; and serves as the principal consultant (and president/janitor) of AmiBug.Com, Inc. Contact Rob at [email protected].

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How the workshop would be conducted?

Offline in Bangalore. Venue will be decided and shared. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for software project team members involved in testing, programming, business analysis, software construction, and deployment.

Yes, if he/she wants to validate their current automation approach and pick up ways to extend their practice – especially using tools to support test design.

Yes. There will be hands-on activities involved. 

None – but this would be more relevant to someone with testing or development experience.

Yes, All topics will be covered with hands-on exercises.

You can get your doubt solved with the instructor in the session, or can get in touch on a 1-1 communication channel.

Yes, our instructor is friendly and loves to help Testers. You can freely contact for any guidance and there will be monthly common sync-up as well.

Yes, you will receive notes/cheat-sheet. All examples including source code are provided.

You will get one participation certificate and a completion certificate (on completing the final project).

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