API Automation Bootcamp
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API Automation Bootcamp

What you will learn​

  • Introduction to APIs: Understanding APIs, SOAP vs REST.
  • API Testing Fundamentals: Types of testing, benefits of API testing.
  • API Functional Testing: Importance and hands-on functional testing.
  • JavaScript Programming: Basics for Postman automation, asynchronous operations.
  • API Automation Tools: Using Postman, Newman, and RestAssured for automation.
  • Advanced Topics: API security testing, Swagger documentation, GIT version control.
Vishal Parmar

Vishal Parmar

QA Automation Lead at CLOUDSUFI


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Why Learn API Testing?

  • Comprehensive Skill Set: Mastering API testing with hands-on exercises and real-world examples.
  • Industry-Standard Tools: Learn and use tools like Postman, Newman, and RestAssured.
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: Boost your career prospects in API testing and automation.
  • In-depth Learning: Understand both functional and security aspects of API testing.
  • Effective Project Management: Gain skills in GIT version control and managing API testing projects.

This Bootcamp is
Tailored For

  • QA Engineers: Enhance API testing and automation skills.
  • Software Developers: Integrate API testing into development workflows.
  • Test Automation Engineers: Master tools for automating API tests.
  • DevOps Engineers: Incorporate API testing into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Learn and improve API testing skills.

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Bootcamp Outline


Laying Down The Foundation​

  • Introduction to APIs
  • Understanding APIs and their role
  • SOAP vs REST
  • API Testing Fundamentals
  • Types of API testing
  • API Functional Testing
  • Importance of functional testing
  • Hands-on functional testing

Getting Started JS, Postman, & Newman

  • Crash Course on JavaScript Programming
  • JavaScript basics for Postman automation
  • Asynchronous operations in JavaScript
  • API Automation with Postman & Newman
  • Introduction to Postman & Newman
  • Creating and managing collections
  • Automated test scripts & HTML reports

API Automation with rest assured & java

  • Crash Course on Java Programming
  • Java essentials for RestAssured
  • Setting up Java environment
  • API Automation with RestAssured
  • Getting started with RestAssured
  • Setting up RestAssured projects
  • Writing and executing test scripts

Security Testing & Beyond

  • Security Testing in APIs
  • API security fundamentals
  • Security testing tools and techniques
  • Swagger
  • Introduction to Swagger
  • Creating API documentation
  • Interview Questions
  • Preparing for API testing interviews
  • Interview tips and tricks

Understading GIT

  • GIT basics for version control
  • Practical GIT exercises
  • Final Project: End-to-End
  • Problem Statement
  • Implementing a comprehensive API testing solution
  • Framework setup and configuration
  • Choosing framework: RestAssured or Postman-Newman

Know More About Instructor

Vishal Parmar

QA Automation Lead at CLOUDSUFI

Vishal Parmar is an experienced IT professional with a background in functional testing, automation engineering, and performance engineering. He started his career at Infosys and now leads automation and customer delivery at CLOUDSUFI. Vishal is skilled in various frameworks, performance tools, and continuous integration systems, and he is proficient in Java, JavaScript, and Python. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and quality, driven by research and strategic approaches.

He has played a key role in forming the basis of test management and automation best practices within a couple of projects, and is working closely with his team now to extend those learnings across the org. 

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