AMA session with Shrinivas Kulkarni on “Test Designing”

AMA with Shrinivas Kulkarni on Evolving Practice of Test Design

Hello Tribe,

Here is the recording of our second session from the AMA series we started wherein Shrinivas Kulkarni is answering questions on “Test Designing”. Due to some technical challenges, we could not upload video, but here is the enhanced audio session.

It was a Facebook Live AMA within The Test Tribe group and as promised we are making it available to everyone.



Before you start watching the video, you may want to have a look at few(but not all) of the questions which Shrinivas answered during the AMA:

-What would be your take on TDD ( Test Driven Design ) vs Traditional testing? What would be the best way to incline engineers to get into this model.

-What technique would suggest for a Tester to best decide that the code is ready to be released in production?

-Could you give your take on what testers need to keep in mind while designing effective test cases?

-Test Design techniques take a certain amount of time how can tester convince or showcase management to adhere to following such techniques in fast-paced sprint delivery.

-Can you mention some tools which will help in designing test cases?

-How can we provide test cases in a smarter way?

-How do we avoid the monotony of designing tests?

-How to ensure 100% test coverage is done when designing test cases

-How do we improve our design approach over the years?

-What are the prerequisites for creating a test design?

-What should be the ratio of negative vs positive scenarios in a test design?

-What points need to keep in mind ..when we are starting the test design process?

-Views about implementing Page Object Model in Automated Selenium Tests.

-Views about implementing Page Factory with Page Object Model in Automated Selenium Tests. The cost, advantages, and pitfalls.

-How is test design done in 1. Agile 2. Devops. Some of the current companies use agile, DevOps. Please explain these concepts in depth with examples.

-I have switched to Test Cases and Test Scenarios as per the context I was in. What’s your take on deciding between writing Test Cases vs having Test Scenarios?
According to you, what context suits either?

-Considering a very short deadline in a sprint, how much effort we need to put on designing test cases, where requirements keep changing.

-How much do you recommend on test management tools?


The Test Tribe Team

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