ACCELQ Automation Hackathon | Powered by The Test Tribe

May 1-2, 2021

ACCELQ The Test Tribe

Automation Hackathon

36 Hours | Online | Web


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ACCELQ Platform Highlights

ACCELQ Automation Hackathon The Test Tribe

I'm a Automator. Why should I attend?

More about ACCELQ Platform

Click here to access detailed Platform guide.

Event Schedule

 1st May 10:00 AM IST to 2nd May 10:00 PM IST

Fully Virtual Event

Event Schedule (All timings are in IST):
1st May | Saturday
    • 10 AM – Virtual Arrival & Networking
    • 10:15 AM – Interesting Games & Exciting Rewards
    • 10:30 AM – ACCELQ Introduction
    • 10:45 AM – ACCELQ Platform Demo
    • 11:00 AM – The Test Tribe Introduction
    • 11:10 AM – Event Schedule, Format & Rules Briefing
    • 11:30 AM – Challenges Revealed
    • 11:45 AM – Battle Begins

2nd May | Sunday
    • 9:00 PM – Stop everything & review final submission.
    • 9:15 PM – Confirm the submission on designated channel.
    • 9:30 PM – Update on Evaluation Process & Result Date
    • 9:45 PM – Closing Remarks
    • 10: 00 PM – Wrap 🙂

Read Event Rules here.

Event Platform

We will host this Event on Airmeet and joining details will be shared closer to the event date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this an Automation Hackathon, or a Testing Hackathon?

Answer: This is an Automation Hackathon with challenges to be solved in Web Automation.

2. Is this a Web Automation Hackathon, or a Mobile Automation Hackathon?

Answer: We will have challenges for Web Automation.

3. What Tech Stack is allowed to solve the given Automation Challenges?

Answer: You need to solve the challenges using ACCELQ Automation Platform.

4. Do I need to have Devices (Laptop / Smartphone) available?

Answer: Yes, you need your laptop or computer available.

5. Any other prerequisites?

Answer: Make sure you have a strong primary Internet connection and arrange a backup connection as well if possible.

6. Where would the participants submit their code?

Answer: Your code will be available by default on ACCELQ Cloud.

7. Can we participate in a group?

Answer: Yes, we recommend participating as a Team/Group as that would allow you to do more and better work in a given time. Max team size can be 4.

8. Will I be awarded a Participation Certification if I attend?

Answer: Yes, a Participation Certificate will be awarded to every participant.

9. I am in a different time zone, how do I participate?

Answer: The total duration of the Hackathon is 36 Hours. You can work on the given challenges at any time in this window which is balanced across time zones. As long as you complete it by the deadline we are good. Also, you will get a recording of the initial intro session in the Slack channel to watch in case you miss it.

10. Are there bonus points for finishing the challenge early?

Answer: No. We want this to be an experience for you that concludes only with Quality work. Hence, we will take the final version only for the assessment, and submission time won’t have any role to play.

11. I have few queries, how do I contact the Organizer?

Answer: Please email us at contact[at]

12. Is this a free-to-attend Event?

Answer: Technically Yes. INR 100 charge is there which is fully refundable once you attend the event.

13. Is this an “Open to all” Event?

Answer: No, unfortunately. To make it an interesting competition, only Automation Professionals with at least 6 Months of Automation Experience are allowed to participate.

14. What would be the Evaluation Process?

Answer: There will be multiple Evaluation Rounds. More on this during the Event briefing session on the Event day.

15. Where and how do we learn about the ACCELQ Platform in advance so that we are prepared?

Answer: We will open up access to the platform on 29th April, Thursday evening, and a Help tutorial to all the participants.

About 'ACCELQ'

ACCELQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform that seamlessly automates Web, Mobile and API testing without writing a single line of code. IT teams of all sizes use ACCELQ to accelerate their testing by automating critical aspects of the lifecycle like test design, planning, test generation, and execution.

ACCELQ customers typically save over 70% of the cost involved in the change & maintenance efforts in testing, addressing one of the major pain points in the industry. ACCELQ makes this possible with an AI-powered core to bring self-healing automation amongst other unique capabilities. Design and User experience focus is at the heart of ACCELQ’s continuous innovation approach with a relentless effort to accelerate testing.

About 'The Test Tribe Community'

The Test Tribe is proudly India’s Largest Testing Community and has already set a strong Global footprint with 10+ Global Events and thousands of global community members . The Test Tribe is built with a mission to give Testing Craft the glory it deserves, while we co-create Smarter, Prouder, and Confident Testers.

The Test Tribe Community has so far done 120+ Events like                                                                                                                      Conferences, MeetupsWorkshopsBootcampsHackathons, TestAwayWebinarsAMAs, etc.

The Test Tribe aims to provide online and offline platforms to Testers where they can Collaborate, Learn, and Grow together.

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