The Test Tribe 1st NCR Meetup Roundup

The Test Tribe 1st NCR Meetup

Continuing the tradition Mansi being one of our Meetup attendees shares her experience. Here she goes –

23 September 2018! FIRST EVER NCR TESTING MEETUP!! What a day it was!!

The first ever testing meetup held at 91 Springboard Okhala New Delhi. We received a tremendous response from testers, developers and young aspirants of the IT Sector. And the event turned out to be houseful.

The meetup was divided into two sessions.

First session was taken by Mr. Ankit Giri, who is working as a Training and development head at Enciphers. He briefed the Tribe about security testing and his experience on Bug Bounty. He also threw some light on Burp suite, a tool which is being used extensively for security testing.

The session went on for 45 minutes and ended with the question and answer session. The entire gathering heard him with rapt attention on the technical terms.

The second session was taken by Mr. Karundeep Gill, a veteran in the IT industry. He shared his experience with the gathering and explained the Agile process involved in STLC at length. The session lasted for about 30 minutes.

Both the sessions were followed by a quick tea and snacks. Participants used the breaks to interact with fellow attendees and the whole room was buzzing with murmurs 🙂 We were happy to see people coming and discussing, after all, this is how the community should be.

The meetup ended with thanks to all. All people left the venue with a bright smile and hoping to meet soon.

Few snaps from the event. Do spread and share with your friends and do not forget to join The Test Tribe Facebook group.

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Testing Meetup NCR

Software Testing Meetup NCR


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